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Angel Moon™ Dynamic Set

$119.99 $79.99

11 packs per box

4 Day Packs, 4 Night Packs, 3 Panty Liners Packs

Angels Moon Dynamic Set

Angel Moon Day Pads
Angels Moon Panty Liner
Angels Moon Night Pads


World Leading Premium Sanitary Napkin with Negative Ion Technology for optimal feminine health.  Ultra-thin design with a 7 Layers embedded breathable system. The 7 Layers provide extra comfort, reduce dampness and prevent leakage, feeling fresh all day.

Product Detail:

7 Layers Built-in System:

Layer 1: Extra soft premium surface for all-day comfort

Layer 2: Negative Ion Stripe

  • Deodorize and Anti – Bacterial

Layer 3: Special protection circuit

  • Prevent side leakage

Layer 4: Super Absorbent Polymer

  • Instant drying for a comfortable feeling

Layer 5: Special protection circuit

  • Prevent side leakage

Layer 6: Breathable membrane

  • Waterproof yet breathable

Layer 7: Mucilage glue



Individual results may vary

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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